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umkc alum

UMKC Black Alumni All-Star Homecoming

Black Alumni and More Coming to University

UMKC is centrally located in the nation, but even more it’s known as a world-class institution for the arts and business.  UMKC’s Conservatory for music and dance, along with being the host site of a professional theater, the Kansas City Repertory Theatre (KCRep), are proof of the arts leadership. The highly ranked, UMKC Bloch School of Management are fundamental to the school’s reputation of growing worldwide business leaders in management and entrepreneurship.

Even in technology, UMKC boasts leadership. In fact, it’s just opened the Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise and Research Center, a $32 million-dollar, high-tech research center with 11 state-of-the-art labs.  Here, students and the community can engage and build using 3D printing, augmented and virtual reality and much more.

Overall, education is at the core of ASX.  We empower people by providing the insights, knowledge, and tools to succeed. Power brokers nationwide have benefitted by learning “the game.”

Recognizing the power of diversity, UMKC Black Alumni and Students will be especially celebrated for their accomplishments.  This will serve as a “homecoming” to many alumni.  Sign-up now to join the list for information and exclusive opportunities.  Part of the ASX Experience is leveraging the power of our networks, so alumni and students, be sure to join our UMKC Black Excellence LinkedIn group too.

UMKC Black Alumni All-Star Homecoming

Black Alumni and more are coming

The UMKC Black Alumni HOMECOMING is hosted at ASX, SEPT 12 – 18TH.  Get on the list NOW for ALUMNI SPECIALS updates and if you’d like to join the planning team.

UMKC Black Alumni
Planning Committee Volunteers (select one)

Be sure to join our UMKC Black Excellence LinkedIn group too.